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Skottie Young & Humberto Ramos Enter Marvel Comics Strange Academy

Skottie Young is a comic book artist best known for his work at Marvel Comics. He began as an artist in the late '90s, working on various titles such as New X-Men and The Incredible Hulk. After a brief hiatus from the industry, Skottie returned to Marvel in 2008 with the ongoing series, Avengers: The Initiative.

Throughout his career, Skottie has proved himself to be an incredibly expressive artist. He brings his unique style to the page, resulting in a vibrant and skillful mix of imagery and storytelling. His work often features exaggerated expressions and cartoony designs, making it perfect for all ages.

Since his return in 2008, Skottie has become an important part of the Marvel Universe. He has worked on several high-profile series such as Rocket Raccoon, Magneto, and Deadpool. He also wrote and illustrated the fan-favorite series Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe, a four-issue mini-series that featured an alternate reality in which Deadpool massacred many Marvel characters.

In addition to his work at Marvel, Skottie has collaborated with several other companies, including Dark Horse Comics and Zenescope Entertainment. He also makes occasional appearances as a featured artist at various comic conventions. His offbeat wit has won over many fans, and his artwork is highly sought after by collectors.

Skottie is also an in-demand cover artist. He has illustrated covers for X-Men, Hawkeye, and Black Widow. His cover of Avengers #275, featuring a new team of Avengers, has gone on to become one of the most iconic Marvel covers ever created. Skottie has won several awards for his art, including the Eisner Award for Best Cover Artist in 2016.

Skottie's work is truly something special, and he continues to be a key part of the Marvel Universe. His offbeat humor and vibrant artwork have earned him a loyal following, and he has become one of the most recognizable artists in the industry.

Humberto Ramos is an established and critically acclaimed artist within Marvel comics. As an illustrator and comic book creator, Humberto has created iconic visions of beloved characters like Spider-man, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men.

Humberto Ramos was born in Mexico City on October 28th, 1972. He drew his first comic book at the age of eight, and continued his passion for comics into his teens. He studied architecture at the ESIME in Mexico and at the same time self-published his own comics. As he continued to produce and publish more autobiographical comics, he entered competitions that established him as an up and coming creator.

In 1996, Humberto Ramos left Mexico for the United States and landed a job at Wildstorm, working as penciller and inker for titles like Stormwatch and Gen13. As his career in comics progressed, he penciled comic books for Marvel including titles such as Spectacular Spider-Man, Uncanny X-Men, and The Amazing Spider-Man. He was also part of the creative team to develop the series Runaways, a modern-day classic Marvel title.

In 2012, Humberton Ramos received an Eisner Award in the Best Penciller/Inker (Drama) category for his artwork in Daredevil #8 and #11, as well as the team-up between Spider-Man and Daredevil in Spider-Man/Daredevil. He was honored with the Eagle Award in 2012, as well.

Today, Humberto Ramos continues to work as an artist and comic book creator for Marvel comics. He has a distinct, painted style and works with bold colors and expressive line work, creating worlds of action and adventure for his characters. Humberto Ramos is a talented illustrator who has made astounding contributions to the Marvel Comic Universe.

Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos are two of the most renowned comic book artists in the world of sequential art. Their latest creation is the Strange Academy series, which has captivated audiences with its unique blend of humor, magic, and adventure. In this article, we explore their work on the first five issues of the Strange Academy.

The Strange Academy is an edifice that trains young magicians in the art of sorcery. The academy welcomes a diverse range of students from various parts of the Marvel Universe, including Doyle Dormammu, Iric and Alviola Kutie, Calvin Morse, and many others.

With their creative prowess, Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos have brought to life the vibrant and engaging world of the Strange Academy. In the first issue, readers are introduced to the students, instructors, and the academy grounds. The charming approach of the comic book series and the artistic talent of the creators immediately make the comic book series a must-read for fans of the Marvel Universe.

Strange Academy 2nd issue explores the lives of the students while they adjust to the magical environment of the academy. Readers get to enjoy the magical lessons taught by Doctor Voodoo, the Sorcerer Supreme, who is also an instructor at the academy. There is also tension and drama as the first group of students is selected to take part in a quest to retrieve a magical artifact that threatens the academy's peace.

The third issue features a trip to Asgard, where the young sorcerers cross paths with famous warriors such as Thor, Valkyrie, and Loki. The students also get to test their magical abilities and showcase their unique skills.

The fourth issue is laden with humor, as the students enjoy a day off from their magical lessons and spend time interacting with each other. The characters' personalities emerge, and the relationships among the students deepen. However, an ominous threat reveals itself, leading to a cliffhanger ending that leaves readers anticipating the next issue.

In the fifth issue, the students confront the mysterious villain known as The Hollow. The Hollow's true identity remains a mystery, and the comic book series continues to unfold intriguing plot twists.

In summary, Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos have done an outstanding job in crafting the Strange Academy series. The comic book series features engaging characters, captivating plot lines, and breathtaking artwork. The series has received critical acclaim and left fans excited about what's to come. We can't wait to see what Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos have in store for readers in future issues of not only Strange Academy put Marvel Comics.

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