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Something Is Killing The Children 1-5 Review

Boom Studios, Something is Killing the Children series has become an instant classic since its releases in late 2019, gaining immense critical and fan acclaim for its raw, daring storytelling and finely detailed art. Issues one to five have served as thrilling and heartbreaking introductions for each of the characters in the series and the tales of horror yet to come.

The creative team of writer James Tynion IV and artist Werther Dell’Edera has an undeniable chemistry, balancing horror elements with the complicated lives of the protagonists staying true to the themes of childhood and its numerous joys, but also its looming sense of danger and uncertainty.

Issue one introduces us to the small town of Archer's Peak, where children have been mysteriously disappearing in the woods surrounding it. There, we discover Erica Slaughter, a purple-haired woman adorned in tattoos and armor with a mysterious agenda of her own. It soon becomes evident that she has come to town to confront some sort of enigmatic force that threatens the children of Archer's Peak, and it's up to her to investigate and battle the mysterious creatures that are slowly eating away at the town.

Issue two follows Erica to the ancient forest of Archer's Peak, where she discovers the first traces of the creatures that are hunting down the town's children. The artwork in this issue is spectacular and captures the sense of dread and tension climbing up in the small town. We quickly learn more about the monsters that are threatening the children, as well as Erica's own motivations.

Issue three brings us to the climactic sequence as Erica finally confronts the beasts that are consuming Archer's Peak's children. It is here that the reader gets to understand Erica's connection to the creatures, as well as the intense battle she puts up in order to save the lives of those in danger.

As the overarching mysteries of the series start to unfold, issue four dives further into the tragic histories of the characters and their individual struggles. The artwork shifts to subtle background details that help to enhance the emotional depth of the story.

Finally, in issue five, we see the emotional payoff of the series thus far. Erica reveals more of her backstory and struggles while the emotional stakes of the story continue to heighten as more of the characters' past is revealed. The artwork in this issue sets the tone for what is to come, and its stunning visuals give the reader a glimpse of the impact the story will have in the upcoming issues.

It's been an intense ride thus far and the subsequent issues promise to be just as exciting as Something is Killing the Children continues its masterful blend of horror, childhood and suspenseful storytelling.

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