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Villains Who Posed the Biggest Threat

10 Marvel Phase 4 Villains Who Posed the Biggest Threat

The release of Avengers: End Game will mark the end of the third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A new phase will call for new villains who will pose a threat to the Avengers and other superheroes in the MCU. So who exactly is fitting? Which villain will find it’s way to the big screen next? While they may not necessarily be featured in phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, here are some characters from the comics that we believe could cause heavy turmoil in the world and no doubt give the superheroes a run for their money;

1. The Hulk

Before you go scrambling to Google, yes the Hulk is indeed a superhero. At least he is seen as one when he is not blinded by his typically uncontrollable rage. While we have seen the Hulk fight alongside the Avengers, we have also seen him fight against them, in one of his fits of rage where he unlocked world shattering potential and turned against them. The Planet Hulk storyline deals with the decision of the other heroes to send him away. He is sent into outer space where he stays until his ship eventually crash lands in Sakaar. Through a series of events which see him go from gladiator to king of Sakaar, the Hulk eventually falls in love with Caiera, a former lieutenant of the king whom he usurped. A relationship develops and he nurtures a plan of starting a family with her. However, Caiera, his unborn child whom she had been pregnant with and a large number of Sakaar’s population were killed off and the planet laid to waste in a warp core explosion. If this storyline is revisited phase 4, it would be interesting to see how the superheroes fight their former ally who returns to earth to fight the superheroes for their crimes against his world.

2. Doctor Doom

Victor Von Doom more popularly known as Doctor Doom is without a doubt one of the smartest and most cunning villains in the MCU. Not only is he a master of science, but he is also a master of magic as well and combined with his technological advances, but it is also really no surprise how he has always managed to stay a step ahead of others. From the Hulk to Silver Surfer to even Galactus, Doctor Doom has somehow managed to trick and get the best out of superheroes and villains alike. He has also gone toe to toe with Odin, Thor’s father, a fight he certainly didn’t lose. He achieved god status when even with the infinity gauntlet, the black panther was unable to defeat him. As an arch enemy of the Fantastic 4, we might get to see Doctor Doom again on the big screen if the storyline is continued.

3. Galactus

Devourer of galaxies, Galactus is a force to be reckoned with in the MCU. In the comics, Galactus is portrayed as a highly intelligent cosmic behemoth who is feared and revered as a force of nature and threat to life. You see, Galactus plays a vital role in keeping the universe balanced by deleting old worlds to make space for the new. However, his hunger to destroy old galaxies is insatiable and this hunger poses a major threat to the earth. Ultimately, it would be great to see Galactus as a villain in phase 4 and perhaps more importantly, how earth’s superheroes will defend their world against this creature.

4. Magus

Adam Warlock in the MCU is a cosmic entity with cosmic powers and superhuman strength. While Adam fled his birth planet and joined the New Mutants, determined to be one of the good guys, the Magus, the future evil version of Adam is the complete opposite. He travels back in time after going insane from excessive use of the Soul Gem. The Magus is an extraordinarily brutal and violent creature, he has also shown high levels of intelligence although he is extremely cunning. When it comes to powers, the Magus is capable of interdimensional transportation, he can draw energy from several artificial and ambient sources and sustains himself by draining living begins of their life energy. If Magus is introduced in phase 4, it would be exciting to see how they switch between Adam Warlock, a character so compassionate about helping people that he enlists the help of other superheroes to help stop Thanos, which they eventually did. And of course the Magus, the villain who now need to be stopped.

5. Onslaught

Onslaught was born from the consciousness of the two mutant leaders – Magneto and Professor Charles Xavier. His abilities are fuelled by Magneto’s lust for vengeance against humanity and Professor Xavier’s goal of a world where mutants and universally accepted. His powers feature the vast intelligence and strategic planning of the aforementioned mutants. He can manipulate metal like Magneto as well as the mind, like Professor X. So far, Onslaught has proved to be a worthy foe undefeated by neither the Hulk nor Juggernaut. Moreover, with Apocalypse out of the way and with the introduction of Phoenix, the X-men will need a more worthwhile villain and who better to fill that spot than Onslaught? The sentient psionic entity.

6. Annihilus

If the name doesn’t tip you off, Annihilus is an evil bug king whose one true goal is to “annihilate” all that is in existence. With his formidable technology and high level of intelligence, Annihilus is a threat to everything that has life in it. The annihilation storyline features a massive space armada which wiped out several lives. You know its serious when characters like Galactus, Thanos and Silver Surfer join the fight to help defeat one creature. Annihilus would be a total game changer in a movie and it would be great if it made an appearance in phase 4, whether as the main villain or not.

7. Sentry

The Sentry also known as Robert Reynolds is a character with an incredible range of abilities that put a lot of superheroes to shame. He is essentially the Superman of the Marvel Universe but with way more abilities. While Robert is generally a good person, his evil alters ego, “the void” is everything but good. The void unlocks the Sentry’s latent powers and once he takes over, Robert is unable to hold back on unleashing his powers in full force, something he usually abstains from because of the devastating impact of his powers when used in full force. Essentially, depending on his mood, the Sentry can either be the ally or the enemy to the superheroes and it would be refreshing to see a villain with a good side.

8. Dormammu

We were first introduced to Dormammu in the 2016 film, Doctor Strange. Dormammu is higher-dimensional mystical energy being inhabiting an alien realm, one that is also different from the rest of the Marvel Universe. He is capable of absorbing worlds into his dark dimension and although he did promise to leave earth alone, there are several other worlds out there including Xander and Sakaar that are his for the taking. He could put these worlds under siege at any time and there’s no doubt that his abilities would outweigh whatever he was capable of in previous films. For a villain who has defeated abstract entities such as Eternity, it would be quite interesting to see how the superheroes defend themselves against cosmic powers.

9. Mistress death

The personification of death, Mistress death is a cosmic entity and although the celestial race is often teased on the big screen, they are rarely ever in major roles. Mistress death storyline mainly showcases Thanos going to great lengths to win her love including sacrificing Gamora and committing genocide in a bid to destroy all life. If Marvel decides to delve into the Infinity Gauntlet storyline, we may see a bit of Lady Death, who remains watching as Thanos battles with the meta-humans on earth after wiping out half of its population. Mistress Death is an embodiment of the end of life could make a worthwhile villain in the movies in phase 4.

10. Chaos king

Amatsu-Mikaboshi who is best known as the Chaos King is perhaps the greatest and most powerful supervillain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the books, he has been hyped as one of the biggest threats to life. The Chaos King has a vast range of powers including demonic mystical powers, shapeshifting and several other superhuman abilities. It is also more powerful than Eternity, Beyonder, the infinity gauntlet and the living tribunal, the three-headed judge of the marvel multiverse. Oblivion who has used the Chaos King to wipe out almost the entire population claims Chaos King is just one aspect of him. The God of nothingness, if it is brought to the big screen on phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe might just be the biggest villain ever in a movie.


That brings us to the end of the supervillains who should grace our screen in phase 4. Sure, there are several more characters to choose from but these ones have a high likelihood of turning up and would also pose a bigger threat to the stability of the universe and may even cause the death of some of the superheroes.

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