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Okay this in no way shape or form or fashion is a gesture of hating on a character under any circumstances I think new characters are a welcomed edition inside of any cinematic universe. However this one is not as popular as people might think who don’t read the comics she’s had several failed attempts at making her a popular figure in #marvelcomics I believe & it’s just me the hype around her will be very disappointing when we actually see her in the #mcu. #AmericaChavez power set is the same as #Blink from #xmen where she has the ability to punch or enter into different realities. Her back story is also weird AF 2 which I won’t get into because it might not be something you wanna hear based on how she was written anyway. I got this graded 4 shits & giggles because you never know. If #marvel or @marvelstudioscan get me pumped about #hitmonkey#groot & #rocketraccoon I am sure they can do the same for her so honestly this is me being hopeful for a marvel show stopper. All Sells Finial, Only Ship Inside US No Overseas Shipping Period, No Refunds 

America Chavez 2017 Fire Pie Variant CGC 9.4

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