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Batman #108 Artgerm Variant CGC 9.8 1st App Miracle Molly “Will Not Ship With Top Loader”

That is point in the run there are currently a lot of moving parts occurring in Batman at the moment. We have two different timelines taking place: present-day and the recent past. Each issue, so far, has started during the present day and featured Scarecrow torturing Bruce Wayne. Honestly, three issues in, and having practically the same opening scene each month is old. Find something new. Also, it appears as though there’s a bit of a contradiction going on here as the previous two issues had Scarecrow unaware that Bruce is Batman, but here he seems to know this information. I’m just going to throw it out there, I’m not a fan of Scarecrow knowing Bruce’s identity.



Anyway, we look back to the recent past and pick up where the last issue left off. Bruce Wayne has gone undercover as Match – not Matches Malone, just Match… which is essentially a “what if Jim Gordon was a tatted daddy on the wrong side of the law” – and is looking to infiltrate the Unsanity. I ranted about my feelings toward the Unsanity, what they stand for, and the sycophantic followers that buy into their beliefs last month… But… My opinion has changed a little here. Not because of what they stand for necessarily, but because of Miracle Molly.



I think what attracts me to her as a character the most is her transparency. It feels very accurate for today’s youth. She’s been screwed over enough. She’s been lied to enough. She’d rather you be upfront and honest, even if you oppose her way of thinking, than lie to her. If you’re going to screw her over, just be honest about it. There’s even a portion where she calls Bruce out for wearing prosthetics, and comments on how wearing a mask is more honest than a disguise. The moment is insignificant but impactful.



What doesn’t work for me though, is that this doesn’t feel anything like a Batman book. It’s too futuristic. It’s too Batman Beyond. We just had two arcs where the whole purpose was to strip Batman of tech and get him back to grounded, street-level stories (Tynion’s words, not mine), but here we are with this neon future full of A.I. that isn’t even close to being realized. And yes, I do realize this is a comic, but it feels like the antithesis of what we were promised.



Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautifully stunning book and Jorge Jimenez does some incredible work… But it’s not Batman. This isn’t Gotham as we know it. Even most of these characters feel like they’re something that Tynion created for a creator-owned project that was rejected time and time again, so he just decided to throw it into Batman making this feel like one giant, fan-fiction misstep. So, again, it’s not Batman.


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Batman #108 Artgerm Variant CGC 9.8 1st App Miracle Molly

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