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Limit 1 Loving the #movies and #tvdriving comic book spec. So early this afternoon I watched @comictom101give the top 10 current comic books trending list & at number 10 was the #blackadam one shot from 2020 featuring that dope ass @bosslogiccover. This book sold at a 9.8 high for $800 and I believe a cooling point has happened right now they’re going for $400 at a 9.8 if it’s available this is one you might want to hold onto. I got three of these just because of the cover alone not to mention with the movie dropping. @therock can’t wait 2 see this movie #dccomics #shazam#superman #wonderwomen#blackadammovie thanks 2 @cgccomics for the awesome 9.8 grades. @cgccomics Limit 1 BlackAdam 2021Endless Winter BossLogic Shipping Added In Pricing No Overseas Shipping or Sells Period.

BlackAdam Endless Winter Special 1 DCComics BossLogic 2021 Cover "Rare" CGC 9.8

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