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@davidnakayama #daredevilissue 29 I am so lazy today & glad to be home this is gonna be pretty much it because I ain’t opening these books whatsoever they are going out to @cgccomics in the morning. I’m going to have to go to the #comicbook store and purchase this book over again to read it but not today. I need a nap & 🥃 but not in that order. So @zdarsky is still killing this title so I know this book will be more then good each read has been like watching the show. #elektrais still doing her thing as #daredevilalso #mattmurdock I believe is still in jail. Man I really need to read this it’s killing me. @daredevil is really heating up & I can’t wait 2 see him in the #mcuwhen @spidermanmovie drops. It’s been along time comin. As far as other street level heroes #deadpool needs to make his appearance working side-by-side with either #spiderman or #venommaybe a little #backinblack action a throwback to @robliefeld that would be dope. All Sells Finial US Shipping Only No Overseas Shipping Period. Limit 1 Book Shipping Price Included With Cost Of The Book. 

DaveDevil 29 Cover by David Nakayama 9.6 CGC

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