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DareDevil 25 @unknowncomicbooks 2nd print variant cover issue of #elektra dawning the #daredevil outfit. Faced with the reality and consequences of his actions, will Daredevil have the stomach to serve his term? Worse still, facing down a prison’s worth of criminals he helped put away, will he survive it? Daredevil #25 opens with a flashback of Elektra and Matt back in their more romantic college days. in the flashback, Matt confesses his love for Elektra, who in return tells him she killed a bunch of guys that day. 🤣🤣 The issue then cuts to the present day where we see Matt in prison, makeshift mask and all. That night, Matt receives a visit from Elektra who has easily broken into the prison and turned the heads of all the inmates. Elektra tells Matt that she knows The Hand is reforming, but she and Stick found something called The Fist which can defeat them. Matt says he’s not interested because he can’t trust Elektra. Marco Checchetto is great in this issue. He perfectly balances the straight-up superhero style of traditional Marvel comic books with the grim & gritty look that Daredevil’s title should always have. There isn’t anything in Daredevil #25 that I didn’t like or would change. The Matt/Elektra dynamic has been explored time and time again, but rarely the way Chip Zdarsky does in this book. All Sells Finial, No Overseas Shipping, All Prices Include US Shipping Only, No Refunds  Wathch A Video Review Here

Elektra DareDevil 25 CGC 9.8 Graded Macro Checchetto

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