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#SpiderGewn 1 2015 @skottieyoung 🕸🕷
The book continues in its offbeat and funny sensibilities, enough that Gwen’s dialogue makes me feel my older age, but it’s balanced for me by the character’s sincerity and drive to do good. Gwen’s adventures as presented in the first volume, but he drops revelations about Gwen’s early days as a superhero, including the secret of her webshooters and information on her mysterious benefactor. I loved that clue most of all because 1) until this issue, it seemed that Gwen was the only superhero in her universe and 2) it’s fun to imagine that encounter – not everything needs to be spelled out. I’ve enjoyed seeing Robbi Rodriguez reimagine classic Spider-Man villains, whether they go in bold new directions (Rhino, Black Cat) or exaggerate familiar designs in a horror comic homage (Vulture). The Lizard is definitely in the latter camp, and his revelation here is genuinely terrifying. Just a good read a solid 10 outta 10. See Video Review Here No Refunds, All Prices Include Shipping, No Overseas Mailing US Only, All Prices Subject To Change With Market Almost Daily

Gwen Stacy 2015 Skottie Young CGC Graded 9.6

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