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Harley & Ivy issue number 3 Virgin Variant 1-500 Copies Copy Number 441.

DC Comics‘ six-issue mini-series continues with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy #3, written by Jody Houser, with pencils from Adriana Melo, inks by Mark Morales, colors by Hi-Fi, and letters from Gabriela Downie. Last issue, Ivy used all of her strength to fight off the Floronic Man, who is attempting to take her power to control the Parliament of Flowers. Seeking refuge and assistance, Harley leads them to the Mad Hatter, who is more than expecting them, unbeknownst to our anti-hero couple.



Now, in Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy #3 our leading ladies head down the rabbit hole, through the looking glass, and to a tea party. But while they’re there for help, it turns out the Mad Hatter has a game of his own to play. Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn must decide if Lex Luthor’s gift from issue one is put the test as Ivy fights her way to Harley who has caught in Jervis’ tricks.

Up until this point, we’ve read Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy from Harley’s perspective, seeing her love for Ivy as she helps her recover from her death in Heroes in Crisis.


But with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy #3, we now get to see how Ivy is processing her rebirth and see their relationship through Pammie’s eyes. This allows us to see the struggle that Ivy is going through – the feeling of being herself but not herself, of being Harley’s Pammie but not at the same time.



The art this issue is gorgeous and dynamic. Melo truly knows how to draw both Ivy’s and Harley’s beauty, as well as costume them as curvy women without pushing them into hyper-sexualization. The best piece of the artwork is when she draws Ivy as the fierce warrior of the Green and not just the beautiful and tragic woman that Harley sees. Additionally, the action sequences are dynamically drawn, making even fights that are contained to single pages seem fluid. By using multiple models of the women in different action poses works to create a scene that show’s their unique fighting styles.



While action-packed, Quinn and Poison Ivy #3 works more as a study of how Ivy’s rebirth has effected her. We get to see moments of her processing her new life. This issue works to give us Ivy more identity, which up until now was defined by Harley who has received the bulk of the focus in the first two issues. The story is taking shape now, and the danger of the Floronic Man poses even weakened after the duo torched him last issue.



Overall, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy #3 is a good issue, but it isn’t extraordinary. The Mad Hatter’s plan for Harley seems out of nowhere and I question its inclusion in the plot outside of showing an armored Ivy taking down baddies. Which, while it doesn’t damage the narrative, does throw it off slightly. That being said, I am pulled into Harley and Ivy’s relationship and friendship and I’m in love with how they fight for each other. With three more issues, I’m excited to see how this mini-series concludes.


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Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy Issue 3 1-500 Unknown Comics 2020 Ejikure Virgin Cover

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