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#IceCreamMan 24 Antunez Variant boy this book & cover is so unsettling & twisted. “I love it”. This run I really wanna see be made into a #TVShow & not some B Rated #moviebecause the writing & ideas on the book have evolved into something much more. It reminds me of @itmovieofficial & a mix of #talesfromthecrypt & also #StephenKings #needfulthings. Rolled up into 1 giant ball of misery, catastrophe & murder & still “I love it”. So where ever 🍦Man is he brings pain death & rage into any community & it’s awesome. It also kinda reminds me of a #supernatural #hitchhiker if he owned an ice cream truck. So in issue 24 Jerry is dealt a horrible hand @ life & Ice Cream Man turns everything on its ear by introducing a Telethon into the mix to “Save Jerry’s Life” bruh things go from bad to worse quickly & Jerry is just left 2 the wolves. One of the main reasons this run is so remarkable is due to the characters being so down to earth & relatable & do to a series of unfortunate events brought on by this outside entity #TheIceCreamMan they are killed, left for death & torn apart by what they love, the habits they can’t kick or just sheer irony. It’s crazy AF but still, “I love it”. Great writing ✍🏾 in every one shot by @wmaxwellprince I am late to the party with this run but pumped to see what’s next. No Refunds, No Overseas Shipping, US Only, Shipping Wrapped In Price

Ice Cream Man 24 W Maxwell Prince Cover By Javier Antunez

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