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Joker #YearOfTheVillain The exclusive Cover from the guys and girls over @jetpackcomics I absolutely love this story so I started collecting the covers like crazy when they became available. Honestly looking back on it I think I went a little overboard basically because it was such a good story and such a throwback to the joker and the conflict between himself and #robin A conflict that resurfaced during the current story of #3jokers. The issue centers around a young man called Jeremy, who escaped from Arkham Asylum with the Joker in the latest breakout. Jeremy is mentally ill, and writing that is a dangerous line to walk; you need to capture a level of nuance and sympathy for this person without belittling or misrepresenting them, and that’s made all the more difficult when paired with one of the biggest psychopaths in literature history. As this issue points out, mentally ill people are far more likely to be victims of violence than the perpetrators, and the book makes Jeremy a rather sympathetic character, who seems to be guided by Joker through a funhouse of horrors for most of the issue, without having agency (at first). Throughout the issue, though, Carpenter and Burch have a good grasp on Joker’s voice. This is the kind of Joker I’m the biggest fan of; the trickster who’s always a second away from exploding, with a gag in his mouth and a gun in his hand. Joker is unapologetically cruel in this issue, and it creates a few moments of rather dark comedy. There also happens to be a reference to an episode of The Batman throughout this issue, which I greatly appreciated – that was the show I loved to watch as a kid. Just Awesome 11/10 

Joker Year Of The Villain 1 DCComics 2019

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