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Ahead of the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film, the House of Ideas kicked off a new Shang-Chi series by writer Gene Luen Yang, artist Dike Ruan, flashback artist Philip Tan, colorist Sebastian Cheng, and letterer Travis Lanham. Will Shang-Chi get unfamiliar readers excited about this superhero before he hits the big screen?



Yang also seamlessly introduces elements of Shang’s mythos throughout the issue, including his longtime on-again/off-again love interest Leiko Wu.

However, Yang is not afraid to shake things up with the introduction of the Five Weapons Society. In the previous canon, the crime lord Fu Manchu was Shang’s father. This had to change due to the fact that the Fu Manchu rights could no longer be used by Marvel, as well as the racist undertones of the character. By changing a key part of Shang’s mythos, Yeun recontextualizes the Master of Kung-Fu’s legacy for the better.



It wouldn’t be a Shang-Chi book without kung-fu, and this issue delivers on all counts. There are several fights throughout, and the characters involved have a unique form of combat. Shang is one such combatant, as his moves become a blur under Ruan’s pencils. He catches weapons thrown at him-and throws them right back. His kicks take out multiple enemies. Any reader will see why he’s considered to be the greatest fighter in the Marvel Universe.



Shang-Chi #1 is a perfect introduction to the Master of Kung-Fu and features a much-needed update to his background.  Shang’s popularity is set to grow next year with Simu Liu portraying him in Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings; readers old and new will definitely want to pick up this series beforehand to get a crash course on the character.


No Refunds, No Overseas Shipping, Comic Is Limited Being A 1:100 Meaning Shops Had To Order 100 Copies To Obtain This 1 Unit. Graded In 9.8 For Black Covers Is "Rare" Is You By Dont Put The Book Into Direct Sunlight Or Color Will Fade. All Prices Subject To Change With Market Almost Daily

Marvel Comics Shang Chi 1:100 CGC 9.8 Inhyuk Lee Variant Cover 2020

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