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Back in 1989 my father purchased this book for me and this was the only thing that he had given me that I ever lost. We moved from Detroit Michigan to Columbus Ohio and somewhere in that move I lost the original copy of this book. Just recently while on eBay I saw someone selling in original copy and I immediately snatched it up for my collection. The original mask comic book is far different from the movie that was released in the early 2 mid 90s. This book was full of gore and violence in the hero actually gets his just desserts in the very end which was amazing because in the movie he was actually a pretty good guy but in this comic book this guy is an asshole to the third power. With all the dancing and showmanship that took place in the movies it was far different in this book because most of the dancing were actually horrific crime scenes committed by Stanley. 😂 and it was awesome on a scale that we have never seen.😂😂 Stanley became tyrannical and power-hungry so much so that is left interest take some out in the very end & it was great. Anyway Praying 2 the @CGCComics gods for awesome grades via my books sending off so many today & yesterday. Can’t wait 4 this one regardless of grade #TheMask issue 1. #WhosLaughingNow @DarkHorseComics #MayHam 1989 🤙🏾 yo boy @JimCarrey did an awesome job acting as Ol #StanleyIpkiss big thanks 2 @comicsexplained 4 his video if u can check it out it’s nice.

MayHem 1989 “Who’s Laughing Now” The Mask

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