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#MilesMorales 23 #KingInBlack this awesome cover is by @tylerkirkhamart by way of @comicselitestore & already heading as of this morning 4 grading with @cgccomics🤙🏾 so this issue was not very heavy with dialogue the story was pretty much told by way of the #artwork. Miles has had success in the past when dealing with the symbiote using his venom blast. So in this issue he happens upon a dragon that has been overtaken under the controls of #knull we also find out these are actually real dragons and not something that Knull has physically created. He hits the dragon with a massive venom blast knocking the black goo off of him and it’s now in the process of receiving a phone call from his fellow superhero #msmarvel Like I said The story is not much for dialogue but the ending is also pretty good and ends on a somewhat cliffhanger. 9.75 outta 10 @msmarvelseries @marvel #marvelchampions #kinginblack @spidermanintothespiderverse2 #milesmorales #fftcs #intothespiderverse #milesmoralescosplay #fftcs @cgccomics @marvelstudios

Miles Morales 23 Tyler Kirkham Cover

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