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So I was not a big fan of the clone saga start in #milesmorales issue 25 however I am a sucker for dope #artwork. #spidergwen has become a mainstay with Miles especially after @spidermanintothespiderverse2 & part 1. So it’s only a matter of time with the events of @wandavision & now @officialloki taking place before we see them both in the @marvelcinematic universe. This cover is an Instant classic featuring Gwen with a Teddy bear #MilesMorales from the guys over @the.616comics anyway grab it up if you’re into that kinda thing & let me know what u think. All Sells Finial, No Refunds, No Overseas Shipping, US Only

Miles Morales 25 Greg Horn Bird City Comics & 616 Comics CGC 9.8

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