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I was kinda upset with the grade on this book then I had to realize how difficult it is to get all black books in high grade. I might see if I can find another copy of this issue 25 and resend it in as a virgin variant. Instead of pulling the trigger on a second copy of this virgin variant right now I was able to find a reasonably priced ultimate fallout four second print for just under $200 I also found a local shop that specializes according to their #YouTube channel in pressing and cleaning so I’m gonna take it to them here in Michigan after I receive the book @morsecomicbookstash I will be seeing you guys soon and supporting this local LCS. Anyway i’m still in the process of giving some of Miles Morales Spider-Man stories an honest chance and honest effort I got this book graded solely based on the cover because to be honest the story was severely lacking I know we’re entering into the clone saga and at the end of the book we see three of the Miles Morales clones but the most entertaining part of this book is when Miles and his best friend get into it over a young lady because he violated the bro code if not for that the book would almost not be worth reading. Miles Morales Spider-Man needs more street level encounters and more introductions of new villains we’ve had better villains in the strange academy run by Young this is no slight at Young but Miles Morales has been a lot around a lot longer and the repeats of #PeterParker story lines are getting old. Limit 1 of 1000 CGC Grade 9.4. $60 Shipped

Miles Morales 25 Inhyuk Lee Virgin LTM 1000

SKU: 0002
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