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I believe this might be the most underrated #MilesMorales issue outta #theclonesaga of his run. Although this book is more like reinventing the wheel of #peterparker still we got a look at 3 clones maybe it’s just me but I don’t really enjoy redoing stories from the past that did not do well and are not original. This is just a play by play remake of Peter Parker’s storyline & the main reason I keep saying Miles needs better writers & better stories for the character. I mean Riri & Ms Marvel got better original stories the Miles Morales has shit man America got & had better stories & has already been introduced into the #MCU with no current book hardly anyone remembers her or knows her who’s not a reader but here you go, the #mcu golden ticket.😂 okay I am done, this might be a major key book in the future based on the other clones we see in the title. I can actually see them combining the clones into one character to make it more of an# troublesome creation. #spiderman #spidermanmilesmorales #mcu #intothespiderverse2 #intothespiderverse

Miles Morales 26 Key Issue CGC 9.8

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