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#intothespiderverse #milesmorales @marvel #marvelledgends I am only willing to pay for the figure from the #animatedmovie & pay for the 2nd print copies of the character. I am really starting to see lots of holes in the plans for #MilesMorales to enter into live action for @marvelstudios. The comics are taking a massive turn for the worse with only being able to produce covers of interest & stories of absolute disappointment. The last memorable story written of this character was from the book written by @dcates & @ryanstegman King in Black when he risked his life to save #msmarvel during a fight with one of #knull’s dragons & an knulled Ms Marvel. Even with the current movie coming up interest for the character is starting to take a serious downshift especially in the books I’m starting to wish they would’ve left him and his own universe and maybe we would’ve gotten quality writers to progress the story forward. You can only keep introducing new characters with mediocre storylines and rehash to Peter Parker stories for so long before actual readers want to see a natural progression and not just recycled material. In reality I’m starting to think that the run Skottie Young has produced with strange academy is a better and stronger alternative than what has already been produced with Miles Morales it is a team with a lot of interesting new characters and the stories told are genuinely new and not carbon copies of anyone else. As of the next few weeks they are in the process of rebooting yet another Miles Morales run which I honestly believe will just be more of the same and leaving the character in a perpetual state of stagnant flux with no real progression of the character to speak of. This future is starting to look bleak for this once promising character I want to see how the success of into the spiderverse two will progress the story forward it but in reality I just don’t see it. 👨🏾‍⚖️ not passing judgment it’s just an observation being a fan of the character in the #comics and also the #movies. #milesmoralesspiderman #marvelselect #diamondselecttoys #milesmorales #spiderham #marvel #disneystore

Miles Morales Into The Spiderverse Series 1

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