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#Silk 1 #Marvel@unknowncomicbooks #milesmorales#blackcat #spidergwen virginvariant I only got this graded for the cover the story in the run was trash af. They had to come up with dope covers for this series so yeah as pumped as I was for this reboot I have to say this was one of the biggest let downs of 2021 in #marvelcomics this character deserved much better as did we the readers I gave it until issue 3 which I also graded but after that I was done. I hope with the character being optioned by @amazon we get a good live action #Silk because her rebooted #comic runs have been not all that great. #igcomics #igcomicfamily#comiccollection #art #drawing#variantcomics @kaelngu did an awesome job with this cover & trust & believe he’s the only reason I purchased it. All Sell Finial, Shipping Added To Price, No Shipping Overseas, No Refunds. 

Silk Issue 1 Kael Ngu 2021 CGC 9.8

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