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Again just another dope buy from @torpedocomics outta #lasvegas just finished re-reading some @jamesthefourth #somethingiskillingthechildren issues 1-5 with smooth #artwork by the great the cover artist @davidmackkabuki so smooth. I am going to look at getting them signed ASAP because to me an issue 1 is an issue 1 regardless of print run or count. “You just never know”. 🤷🏾‍♂️ The young man tells his story screaming we are greeted with a young lady stepping outta forest 🌳with a machete after killing———————— Erica arrives in archers peak looking at all the signs for the missing children. Erica recognizes James and she begins to ask him questions about the night his friends went missing. She simply states I don’t want to know what happened I simply wanna know what you saw? She came in like a BOSS!! She reassures the young man that she will believe whatever he tells her in reference to what he saw. He begins to explain Noah was torn in half and Carl had giant chunks of flesh missing from his skin all he could do is run. Tyler fell to the ground next to him and half of his face was eaten to the point where he was unrecognizable. Erica gets a phone call during the discussion and on the other end the area is rated as a Class E7 she’s told. James asked Erica about the phone call and she simply tells him while pulling out a machete you’ve got a monster here and I’m going to kill it. After rereading issues one through five I can completely understand why this book has been option I’m still not sure if it’s going to be a movie or an ongoing series whatever we get it’s going to be awesome. @imagecomics #imagecomics #jamestynioniv #ericaslaughter #siktc

Something Is Killing The Children 1 Signed by James Tynion The 4th

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