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So I am watching #NewMutants on @hbomax which is better then I expected the only thing is why does this movie the more I watch It remind me of #StrangeAcademy without the teachers. Add a little #ScarletWitch #DrStrange & make #Magic a teacher & you have the comic book. Gotta love @cgccomics the 9.8 grade is awesome for an issue 1 so pumped. #Marvel has without a doubt taken a step in the right direction with proper story building and proper character build up no earth shattering events here just younger characters learning themselves and their powers through the tutelage of #drstrange & the rest of the teachers which include #brothervoodoo #magic #hellstrøm #scarletwitch #manthing & a few others. When the story opens a young lady named Emily is saved by Dr Stranger’s librarian before she’s killed by a tree she brings to life. After speaking directly with her parents she is whisked briskly off 2 #strangeacademy so she can learn to use her powers with other children just like her. Upon arriving to the school we meet The #asguardian twins a direct the descendent of what I believe is to be Marie Laveau. Doyle which is awesome & a few others. Towards the end of the book we get the arrival of Doctor Strange as he falls through a portal fighting a monster then asking the children to join in help defeating said monster. All in all it was a pretty good light hearted entry which gives the reader something to build on with definite and indefinite things to come. 10/10 #awesomecomic #signedcomic #skottieyoung #avengers #youngavengers #spiderman #milesmorales #schoolforgiftedyoungsters #cgccomics #cbcscomics #signedbooks #art #drawing #cartoons

Strange Academy 1 Skottie Young Variant Marvel

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