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#StrangeAcademy 10 @cgccomics 9.8 still one of the best runs in comics hands down. This cover features #magik & #scarletwitch from the folks @unknowncomicbooks by the awesome @skottieyoung with art by @ramosland I can’t just post strange academy without talking about strange Academy because I really believe in this book as a long-term #cartoon or even major #marvel event somewhere down the line. In the world of #comicbook speculation you have to have patience because sometimes the pay out just like with #SpiderMan2099 could come years down the line. Anyway so in this issue it’s all about the field trip and some of the guest appearances that are made including Volstagg and a few others the field trip is being taken directly into Asgard so the kids of strange academy get to actually see Thors Homeworld. The two children Emily and Doyle become a lot closer and lines are drawn between Eric and Doyle which is also awesome anyway if you guys are still able make sure you grab a few of these back issues while you can although this is issue number 10 it is still the legitimate 10th appearance of all the kids of strange academy. Limit $140 each limit 2 #marvel #disneyplus #cartoons #xmen #igcomics #igcomicfamily #skottieyoung #gradedcomics #fftcs #comics

Strange Academy 10 Unknown Comics

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