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#StrangeAcademy 13

@cgccomics @ramosland @skottieyoung this issue was really layered with 3 different stories. The first one #EmilyBright decides to set a magic one free from the clutches of #DoctorStrange in the basement of strange academy. For his crimes of sacrificing his family in exchange for magical gifts. Then we head over to #ZoeLaveau while the children are on a field trip inside inside of the city of New Orleans we learned about her tragic story of mixing magic & science and killing herself. For her parents to bring her back they resort to #voodoo magic of her long lost ancestor #MarieLaveau by taking Zoe to her gravesite and marking it with three XXX's for her resurrection. Then we get the introduction to deal maker himself #GasLamp. Skottie does an awesome job telling 3 stories at once & no one is short changed. Can't wait to buy the 2nd semester this on 09/11/22 from

Strange Academy 13, 1 st Appearance of GasLamp

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