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StrangeAcademy 18

The end of the semester & 💩really hit the fan but not really. The kids walked outta #strangeacadeny but never left so they are all chillin while the teachers are losing it looking for them. 🤣🤣🤣 Emily Bright is a bad ass but she's still very very very Diapers in her angry reach for power. However in her tiny rage & little anger Doyle asked to see the future & sees a connection between herself & Emily & things get real, really quick. Doyle sees that the crown ring he gave Emily is making her evil & trys to contact #brothervoodoo explaining whatbhe saw & understanding he had it all wrong. Bro I cant wait until isssue 1 of the 2nd semester to see how this story unfolds.

Strange Academy 18 1st Cover Appearance of Howie WereWolf By Night

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