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Still grabbing & grading as many #StrangeAcademy books as I can find. This is issue 1 5th print. Finally grabbed that issue 15 my local #lcshad 10 I purchased 5 sent all off 5 for grading the 1st cover appearance of #gaslamp i’m honestly not sure where it’s going to go regardless I have issue 13, 14 and multiple copies and 15 as well only time will tell if he will be a main stay as far as Strange Academy is concerned I’m hoping that it is picked up shortly as a #cartoon adaption for #Disney+. Anyway still graded 9.8 from ladies & gents @cgccomics All Sells Finial, No Overseas Shipping US Only, Shipping Wrapped In Pricing. Video Review Of Strange Academy Issue 4. 

Strange Academy 5th Print Skottie Young CGC 9.8

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