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#StrangeAcademy 8

every since strange Academy has shown up on the scene the speculation for these books have been extremely high with the introduction to Disney+ in addition the writer and artist on this project which are also the original creators these books I believe have what it takes for them to become a legitimate series for Disney+ which would be on going. @brianmbendis @skottieyoung & @ramosland would be they dream team of writer television producer and artist coming together to create something truly remarkable and has legs to move into the future perhaps one of the newest #xmen or #fantastic4 projects for the younger generation of #marvel #comics. I’m not really sure how these characters would do in live action however if the Marvel cinematic universe can make use care about a talking tree and a raccoon I’m pretty sure they can do something with #StrangeAcademy, “just sayin”. #marvel #disneyplus #marvelcomics #marvelcartoons #igtv #igcomics #fftcs #cgccomics #skottieyoung

Strange Academy 8 Spotlight Cover

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