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#StrangeAcademy 4 by @skottieyoung & @ramosland The bulk of the story focuses on a bunch of the students as they play a game of door tag. Door tag functions like the mundane version, only doors are manipulated as gateways that, instead of merely letting someone outside, transports them through a random door somewhere else. And while there is no mention of it in the story, I’m assuming there is at least some limiter as to where the children could end up. Since there are obviously some horrible possibilities there. While the art has been great throughout the series it feels at its best in Strange Academy #4. Ramos’ style fully embraces the craziness of the students’ games, as well as the magical energies at work. The carefree spirit of the youth is exceptionally present within the panels. I have no problem with this series giving its characters some breathing room. It's got a big, all-new cast, and we need time to get to know them all. I think this issue sets an excellent balance between forward motion and pausing to dwell on its characters. Previous issues in this series did an excellent job of making the Academy's student body appealing. Now the creators are confidently playing on that appeal, letting the story touch organically on some of their cast without dividing the spotlight to give everyone a share. #wandamaximoff #scarletwitch #marvel #blackwidow #loki #marvelstudios #mcu #marvelcomics #marveluniverse #comics #msmarvel #captainmarvel #gradedcomics #cgccomics #alexrossart #timelessvariant

Strange Academy Alex Ross Variant Scarlet Witch Issue 4 Strange Academy

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