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#StrayDogs man I had no idea & now I am kicking myself 4 it. This story is dope af. I’ve seen them in the stores around the country heard whispers about it from a few people but never picked up the book to actually read it until today. After I grabbed issue 1 I frantically started looking for 2,3,4 and I believe 5 I think this is a short run up through issue six with @imagecomics everything from the artwork to the actual idea of the story is unique involving dogs serial killers & the dogs memory of its previous owners coming to fruition due to the fact dogs are said to have extremely short memories. Anyway I strongly recommend this series and I’m doing it extremely late because I’m extremely late to the party however if you’re still able to find issues in your local comic shop do not let the exterior of this book fool you the interior is where it goes down. Thanks 2 @comicselitestore for the heads up on this issue & the run itself outta Indian. I got issue 1 the second print, issue 3 & 4 so I am still gonna be looking 4 the rest as soon as I can #comics #imagecomics #straydogs #comicbooks #horrorcomics #scobbydoo #fftcs @cgccomics @tonyfleecs @trishforstner @imagecomics

Stray Dogs 1 2nd Print 9.8

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