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I’ve been a massive supporter of the run on #thor by @dcates I believe in the near future the story arcs used in this run will be transferred over either into the @marvelstudios & used in #movies or #disneyplus & used in #cartoons pulled directly from the #comics. We have had #godofhammers #prey & a few others I can see being used. This book from @unknowncomicbooks graded by @cgccomics & signed by the man himself #donnycates should be in any modern comic book collection. Anyway in this issue Thor lays down the law to the nine realms after he is made king of #Asgard and it’s not long before new threats arise from the faults of his father #odin that will challenge the young king and possibly cost him his life this run also ties into one of the best runs in comic books #kinginblack where Thor meets #knull in person. If you can find them grab them up because just like #strangeacademy I see big things in the future.#thorloveandthunder #thorodinson #marvelcomics #gradedcomics #cgccomics

Thor 1 by Donny Cates Signed CGC 9.8

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