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Artist Mark Bagley delivers some incredible work in Venom #25 through multiple locations. There are the solemn, up-close shots as Eddie tells his story, where we're only focused on the man's face and all the emotion that entails. Then there are the action sequences on the island as Carnage battles a Venom T-Rex. (That's an awesome sentence I never thought I'd type.) As if that wasn't enough, there's also Dylan's struggle, both in New York City and in his father's mind. It's riveting from beginning to end.



Perhaps the most chilling sequence comes with that battle of the mind where Dylan tries to help his father free himself from the Carnage symbiote. There's one panel in particular, where Cletus Kasady shows up and then births Carnage from his torn flesh, that is so friggin' creepy. We already knew that this is one of Venom's fiercest foes, if not the deadliest, and this just seals the deal. Andy Owens' inks accentuate all the great details in Bagley's pencils.

Carnage is shown in his typical blood-red shade, conveying his monstrous energy. His very appearance is threatening. I love how he pops on the page both on the island and in the mind. It shows how Carnage is terrifying even in the noon day sun. He's always a cold-blooded killer. Colorist Frank Martin works wonders.


Donny Cates smoothly wraps up the first major branch of his run and leaves the reader anxiously waiting for the next chapter. This oversized issue serves as the culmination of “Venom Island” and a captivating preview of its follow-up. Plus, Cates indirectly thanks readers for their support and promises us that he’s just getting started.


Brock’s relationship with his son, Dylan, is also a major factor in this issue. When the Carnage symbiote possesses Eddie, it’s up to Dylan to save him. But the boy’s inexperience is costly, as he’s outmatched by Carnage’s powers. But one of Cates’ primary themes, that we are stronger together, tips the scales in Dylan’s favor. United once more, the father-son duo counter Carnage’s evil force with their connection. The art team’s subtlety adds a lot of nuance to a scene that begins with a fight involving a Tyrannosaurus rex.



Bottom-line upfront, Venom #25 has the template that all the comic titles should be following as we gently pull ourselves out of the quarantine. With the main character, Eddie Brock delivering a soliloquy are more like a recap of all the activity over the last 24 issues.​​​​​​​


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Venom 25 Kael Ngu Cover Book By Donny Cates 2020

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