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Limit 1 Venom 27 Virgin Variant by @peachmomoko60 so awesome. 
Also the dude bro of all dude bro’s @dcates Mr Venom himself. 
Eddie and Dylan find themselves together in what appears to be New York City. We do get another issue where more new questions arise, and few answers are given, but it wasn’t a challenge to stay engaged in everything that was happening in this book. The mystery of Virus is still unresolved, as well as his motivations. We are in a world where it seems everyone either is a symbiote, or is bonded to one. Who is Codex? And how (if at all) does all of this fit into “the Knull agenda” this entire run has been dedicated towards? The Maker has returned to his native world, which is exactly what he’s been trying to achieve. Surely, his role in this run isn’t over, despite seemingly achieving what he wanted. There’s also the matter of 1610’s status. His native New York appeared to be in partial ruins. What happened before his return? There’s clearly more to play with, as far as the Maker’s side of the story goes, but the question becomes will we see it during this arc, or is this story going to come later? Venom 27 ends with Eddie and Dylan encountering several Agent Venoms in the sewers. Veteran Venom fans will be floored at the revelation of…😳nope go boy it.😂😂
I’m not too sure what to think about being in 1610 and if I like Eddie and Dylan in 1610, however, this is Donny Cates. He knows Venom and he knows how to tell a great Venom story and that is what this is. No Refund, US Shipping Only, Shipping Added 2 Price Of All Books 

Venom 27 by Donny Cates & Ryan Stegmen 2020 1st App Of Codex 9.8 CGC

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