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Venom 4 This awesome cover is signed by @dcates & @ryanstegman the art work is from @tylerkirkhamart

from guys @comicselitestore one of the hardest working LCS’s in the business. Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman go for broke in creating this new history for the symbiotes/Klyntars. Where Brian Michael Bendis tried to craft them as an inherently peaceful species with his big Venom arc in Guardians of the Galaxy, Cates and Stegman flip the table and create a cosmic and pseudo-occult origin for the symbiote race, even redefining the term "Klyntar." Knull explains his history and the history of his creations tracking back to the beginning of time. Knull was born in the darkness of space, and he waged war against the early Celestials. He killed many, and he created they symbiotes, initially, as weapons. When he was finally defeated on his first excursion to Earth, he and the symbiotes retreated, creating their homeworld of Klyntar. Eddie Brock and his other are helpless but to listen as this transpires. From there Knull forms a clear mission, he hates all life, using the blackness to forge and create the first 'Living Blade' (later knows as the Necrosword), which he then goes on and uses to extinguish 'the light' or life, especially that created by Celestials it seems. The story eventually wraps around to the flashbacks we saw in issue one, even incorporating other call outs to Marvel's books, and other properties, which I always appreciate and find entertaining. Ryan Stegman four issues in hasn't had a down moment yet and you can tell is having a blast with the horror feel to this Venom arc. I said it last issue I will say it again this issue this is my favorite comic book art in any title I'm reading right now. Dark, gritty, moody, its a perfect fit for this Venom title. Knull backstory means that the Venom art team gets to do more space stuff, so you know this is going to be kind of trippy. What makes it so cool is seeing Stegman do stuff conceptually reminiscent of his work on Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic Four, but in a completely different context thanks to what JP Mayer and especially Frank Martin add. #venom #milesmorales #milesmoralescosplay #knull

Venom 4 Signed by Donny Cates & Ryan Stegman Cover by Tyler Kirkham

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