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Cates pushes the book in a fairly different direction in this new story arc. The emphasis is less on foreboding horror and over-the-top action and more on the interplay between Eddie Brock and his new nemesis. Said nemesis is a welcome addition to the book. One of the great strengths of this series is the way Cates has worked to move Venom out from underneath Spider-Man's shadow and establish him as a more independent player. Part of that has involved forging cool little ties between Venom and other Marvel characters, whether it's revealing Knull to be the creator of Gorr the God Butcher's sword or working Wolverine and Nick Fury into the symbiote mythology. This new player is another great example of Cates' knack for world-building.


This story is more of an intellectual one than one based around Eddie and Venom needing to act on something. Throughout the conversation with Reed and Eddie, we’re caught up on how he got to where he is through a flashback to what went down. Here, we do see some action, but it’s not happening in the present so it doesn’t have as much of an immediate impact on the story. It already happened and now Eddie has to deal with the fact that Venom is wiping part of his memory.


This series is telling a story that I’m much more interested in than the one that Sony’s movie just told. It is an original story, but it’s so focused on the history of the symbiotes that it feels refreshing to not have it solely focus on Eddie’s life. Donny Cates has a lot in store for us from the looks of it. He even drops a bombshell on Eddie as he finds out from Reed that Flash Thompson is dead. What a great cliffhanger that is & the intro of Dylan Brock into Marvel Comics.


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Venom 7 by Donny Cates & Ryan Stegman 2018 Enter Dylan Brock

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